Can’t live without my seasonings and my spices! Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash

A quick tip I caught on to was how to season properly without making a mess and without forgetting what I’ve already used!

Before sprinkling any seasoning on any food I separate and combine seasoning/spices in a small dish. For example, if the dish I am making includes the following:

  • Chicken – salt, pepper, and parsley.
  • Rice: Salt, Pepper, and 7 spice.

I take a small dish and add correct measurements of salt and pepper with parsley.

Rice: I take a separate dish and combine the correct amount and spices for the rice.  I separate and place the small dish in front of the rice cooker. Yes, I use the rice cooker when I can.

When we organize like this then when it comes time to season the chicken, for example, then the seasonings will evenly spread around all of the chicken!

You might want to double the seasonings or spices correctly label and either store OR freeze for later use.

A simple tip for an Even Seasoning of your dish!